Dakno Gaming Code of Conduct

Dakno Gaming Code of Conduct Version 1.1 

Published June 5, 2020, Updated July 20, 2020


Welcome to Dakno Gaming! This Code of Conduct (also referred to as “rules”) are here to help ensure that everyone can have a great time. Here’s how we roll:


What to do first:


 - Read the Code of Conduct (the “rules”).

 - Fill out the survey for full access to the Discord Channel.

 - Assign yourself roles in the #roles channel of Discord.


Dakno Gaming’s Code of Conduct.

By joining and being an approved member of the Dakno Gaming Discord, you agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct and Addenda:


Code of Conduct:

1. You will treat others with respect in both your communications and your actions.

2. Do not discriminate or harass any members of the Dakno Community (see more in Addendum A of this post). Violators may be banned or kicked without warning.

3. Offensive (blatantly racist/sexist/homophobic/etc.) nicknames are not permitted. We will change your nickname for you.

4. Don’t spam the chat channels and don't micspam in voice channels. This includes loud and overly sensitive microphones. You may be muted if this is an issue.

5. Please use the @mentions sparingly. No one is signing up for a ton of notifications.

6. Do not engage in sexually exploitative behaviour such as harassment, unwanted communication, touching, etc. See more detail in Addendum A.

7. Do not resort to name calling in a discussion. You may be issued a warning if it becomes a problem.

8. No NSFW content on public channels. Do not post pornography. This discord is open to all ages.

9. Please keep random or unrelated memes to the #memes channel. Related memes are fine in specific game channels.

10. Only use @DaknoMod for emergencies. You can DM or @ us individually for suggestions or anything else.

11. Any questions relating specifically to Dakno Gaming as an organization can be directed to a @Coordinator. Same with 10, please use @Coordinator for emergencies only. You can DM or @ us individually for suggestions, questions, or anything else.

12. We are aiming to be a culturally diverse server, unfortunately we must restrict the primary language of this server to English. Do not use any other languages here. This is to ensure that our small group of dedicated volunteers can be effective in moderating the Discord, helping ensure the safety of all members. (If you fluently communicate in another language and are interested in potentially being a moderator, please DM a @DaknoMod or @Coordinator.

13. The @Dakno Gaming | daknogaming Account is used primarily for official Dakno communications and discord server actions. Do not DM this account if you expect a timely reply. If you are having technical issues with server settings, please reach out to another @Coordinator or @ChannelKing.

14. Please make sure to keep all "epilepsy GIFs" (image or video files that contain rapid flashing or triggering sequences) in a spoiler with a proper warning. Not doing this may earn you a day mute.

15. Causing any sort of drama on this server will result in severe punishment at the discretion of mods/admins.

16. Membership to this server is only restricted by the limitations set forth by Discord. Certain channels or voice chats may be designated specifically for more adult appropriate conversations.

17. Alternate accounts are not allowed on this server. If we catch you using an alt, it will be permanently banned. 

18. Please do not share any private identifiable information in public channels.

19. Engaging with the Marketplace channel means you agree and abide by the rules applicable to the marketplace as well.

Additional rules specifically related to the exchange of property or money:

1. The #marketplace channel is for those looking to buy, sell, trade, or giveaway items (primarily gaming or entertainment related).

2. You may only list up to three items each week. Any more posts than three items per week will be considered spam.

3. Prices or price range for items must be listed. Include estimated shipping cost if applicable.

4. Sellers, please describe your items well and in detail. This helps potential buyers know what they are getting. Pictures are strongly recommended & preferred.

5. Any price negotiations must happen outside of the channel.

6. The #marketplace channel is for private parties selling personal items and for approved @Merchant businesses selling items or services. If you own a business and wish to post in the marketplace on behalf of that business, please contact a @Coordinator.

7. You may not post real estate or on-going home sales. No sale of illegal, illicit, or regulated items ( alcohol, tobacco, firearms, etc.). Any posts of this kind will result in swift and severe punitive action when discovered.

8. Businesses must have the appropriate @Merchant role. All other business posts without this role will be treated as spam. 

9. No donation or contribution requests and no non-dakno related fundraisers. Any official donation or contribution requests will be posted or shared by the official @Dakno Gaming | daknogaming account.

10. Dakno Gaming, Evolve Grand Forks, and its actors and sponsors are not responsible for misprinted information, faulty items, scams, or any transactions regardless of value or lack thereof.

11. Individuals and businesses buying, selling, trading, or giving away items are responsible for any and all transactions they are party to.

12. Be safe, smart, and responsible when using #marketplace.


- We host an annual convention called Dakno Gaming eSports Day. Our 4th annual event will be held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please stay tuned in for more information.

- We may plan meetups! If you are interested in helping plan a meetup, please ping a @Coordinator. If you want to help plan one, we may ask you to figure out a proposed date/time/location/cost. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all in-person meetups are suspended until further notice.


Punitive action may be taken by a @DaknoMod, @Coordinator, or @ChannelKing for violation of the letter or spirit of the rules above. Punitive action is largely up to mods based on severity and history of infractions. We don’t anticipate many issues, but please understand this is a necessity for a safe and fun environment.


We may decide to update this Code of Conduct. The most current version of our Code of Conduct can be found on our website at and will be effective immediately upon publishing unless otherwise noted. We will attempt to notify you of material changes to this policy by updating our discord server or by email address if we have it. By continuing to participate in Dakno Gaming after changes become effective, you agree to the revised Code of Conduct.


To many a gg ahead,

@Dakno Gaming | daknogaming


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